Apply for a grant!

The local Congress committee encourages enyone interested in attending to read about our grant program, which could help you participate in the Montreal Congress in 2020. We ask all national Esperanto associations in the world to support their members participate in the World Congress, as much as their capabilities allow, and we also ask Esperanto speakers from all ober the world to donate monay to their national associations to help people from their country attend.

International grants

Several of UEA’s (the World Esperanto Association) national associations award a limited number of grants to help residents of their country attend different events. Please contact your national association to learn more about programs exist to help you attend the Montreal World Congress in 2020.

UEA might also offer grants in 2020 (in general, this helps pay for registration fees and part of the accommodation costs — in a limited number of cases it may also help support travel costs) though the “Partoprenu UK-on” fund. Please read UEA’s press releases regularly. Being a member of UEA is a prerequisite to participate in the program. You may also want to consider donating to this fund.

Grants for Canadian residents

Esperanto speakers from Canada may also apply for grants supported by the joint fund set up by the Canadian Esperanto Association (KEA), the Quebec Esperanto Society and the local World Congress organizing committee. Please click here to apply. Only a limited number of grand will however be awarded:

1) Basic grants

a) $200 basic grant for Canadian Esperanto speakers who would qualify for TEJO (World Esperanto Youth Organization) membership, which is to say people 35 years of age or less;

b) $250 basic grant for Canadian Esperanto speakers over the TEJO age limit (older than 35);

2) Travel supplement

a) $200 travel supplement for Canadian Esperanto speakers who live over 500 km away from Montreal;

b) $400 travel supplement for Canadian Esperanto speakers who live over 2000 km away from Montreal;

3) Grants to attend short Esperanto courses

$50 for Canadian Esperanto learners or learners to attend one of the two-day Esperanto courses organized before the Congress in Montreal and Quebec City (see web page or contact us for more information).

Please note that you can combile grants from catergories 1, 2 and 3, depending on your situation. One may for instance apply for a basic grant, a travel supplement and one short course grant.

The deadline to apply for a grant is February 28th, 2020. The local organizing committee strongly recommends registering early to take advantage of lower prices (until December 31st).