Learn Esperanto

Esperanto today can very easily be learned on the web. Here are a few suggestions to get started:

Lernu!, a free, multilingual online resource to learn the language.

The popular language learning platform Duolingo has Esperanto courses for English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers.

The installable program Kurso de Esperanto offers a quick path to acquiring the basics of the language. There will be a 2 day course for intermediate learners right before the congress (more info below).  The World Congress itself welcomes speakers of all levels, but do know that your experience will be enriched if you know enough to at least understand the language in most contexts. That’s why it’s also great to meet up with local groups, throughout the year.

For meetups in Canada, please see:

Esperanto classes before the Congress


Join an intensive course for beginners to activate speaking skills and experience language situations during the conference. All information: https://edukado.net/kursejo?kid=27422
The course is mainly for congress registrants. You must register through the UEA congress order form.
Find the order form for the pre-congress program: https://db.uea.org/kongresoj/mendilo.php
Registration fee for the course: 80 euros, without meals and accommodation.