Learn Esperanto

Esperanto today can very easily be learned on the web. Here are a few suggestions to get started:

Lernu!, a free, multilingual online resource to learn the language.

The popular language learning platform Duolingo has Esperanto courses for English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers.

The installable program Kurso de Esperanto offers a quick path to acquiring the basics of the language.

Nothing beats chatting with other Esperanto speakers if you want to improve your skills!
The World Congress itself welcomes speakers of all levels, but do know that your experience will be enriched if you know enough to at least understand the language in most contexts. That’s why it’s also great to meet up with local groups, throughout the year.

For meetups in Canada, please see:

Esperanto classes before the Congress


MEK, Montreala Esperanto-Kurso (Montreal Esperanto Course) is a special two-day Esperanto class series for beginners and intermediate learners meant to prepare them to attend the World Congress. Classes will be held from Friday morning (July 31st) to the end of the afternoon on Saturday (August 1st), in time for participants to attend the presentation for first-time Congress participants. Classes will be led by two outstanding Esperanto teachers, Katalin Kováts and Sylvain Lelarge. This is a unique opportunity for you or your friends! Classes will be open to all, whether registered to attend the Congress or not. For more information, please read the following page: https://www.esperantic.org/en/montrealo_2020/#English


The 53rd ILEI (League of Esperanto Teachers) Congress will be held in Quebec City from July 25th to August 1st, and will include transportation of participants to the World Congress. Esperanto classes will be held as part of this 53rd ILEI Congress, as is customary. As preparation to participate in the World Congress in Montreal, you will be able to register for the last two days to attend intensive language classes, as well as enjoy the rest of the program. It is also possible to register for the whole event if you wish. Learn more here: www.ilei.info