Montreal’s Local Congress Committee at the opening of MondaFest’

Dear friends,

As you already know very well, the UK-2020 could not happen due to the global coronavirus pandemic. To give Esperantists the opportunity to speak, listen to lectures, enjoy music and art, and just be together and support each other when most in-person meetings and congresses are cancelled, UEA, in collaboration with E@I and Vinilkosmo, set up a World Festival (MondaFest’ 2020). It is a series of virtual events worldwide that will continue for about 3 months. Many iconic events and congresses will take place as part of MondaFest’ (including Parallel Universe, NASK, IJK, SEP, etc.).

MondaFest’ will begin on June 20 and end on September 20, 2020 – the dates having been chosen with much symbolism. Please note that, on Saturday, June 20 as part of the Summer Opening of MondaFest’, the LKK members of the Montreal UK will have a few minutes to greet participants – this will take place at around 13:00 UTC (9:00 AM in Montreal). We cordially invite you to join and attend this historic event, the first World Esperanto Festival, and also to support the Montreal LKK with your presence – it will be extremely important to us. Participation is free, and there will be some notable contributions from Montreal to this virtual event (including a Canadian Virtual Cinema, lectures, etc.). Note also that, within MondaFest’, the Virtual Congress of Esperanto (VK) will take place between the 1st and the 8th of August 2020 – the dates when the UK 2020 should have occurred in Montreal. Participation in the VK will be free for all UEA members.

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In friendship,
Montreal’s Local Congress Committee (LKK)