World Esperanto Congress in Montreal: a first in Quebec


MONTREAL (QC), August 1, 2022 – The 107th World Esperanto Congress will take place from August 6th to August 13th at UQAM, in Montreal. Esperanto is a language developed to foster mutual understanding between peoples and respect for linguistic and cultural diversity. The essential basis of the language was first published by L. L. Zamenhof, a native of Białystok in modern-day Poland, in 1887.

The Congress, organized by the World Esperanto Association (in Esperanto, Universala Esperanto-Asocio, or UEA), is a unique cultural event, where all activities take place in the Esperanto language. Several hundred participants from dozens of countries are expected.

Under the symbolic auspices of Huron-Wendat historian, Georges Sioui, the official theme will be “Language, Life, Land: The Decade of Indigenous Languages”. Addressed through a series of special talks and chosen in reference to the Decade of Indigenous Languages declared by UNESCO for the period 2022-2032, it is fully in line with the UEA’s commitment to furthering cultural and linguistic rights, as well as with current social concerns in Canada.

The internationally- and interculturally-flavoured program will also include:

  • Lectures on the history of Montreal, Quebec and Canada
  • Concerts and performances by artists from Quebec and the rest of Canada, including Bïa, Yves Desrosiers, Joëlle Rabu, Étienne Laflamme and Kristina Miroshkina
  • The announcement of the winners of the Intercultural Esperanto Short Story Contest – under the honorary presidency of Mrs. Claudia Larochelle
  • A live show allegorically staging the history of Montreal
  • An temporary “International University” and a Science Café where specialists will talk about their latest discoveries
  • The opportunity to buy books in Esperanto

The World Esperanto Congress is the largest annual gathering of Esperanto speakers in the world. The first Congress was held in 1905 in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, and has been held every year since, except during the two World Wars – and over the last two years. This is only the second time it will take place in Canada, following the 69th Congress, held in Vancouver, in 1984.

About the World Esperanto Association

The UEA is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1908 to promote the international language Esperanto. It also maintains official relations with the United Nations and UNESCO.


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